Don't Forget to Vote Candle


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Comes with an "I Voted" temporary tattoo! Because you deserve to keep feeling smug even after election day is over.

Look, we’re not saying that ALL of your friends and family are deadbeats. Just saying that it couldn’t hurt to send a gentle reminder that there’s an election around the corner, and the fate of our democracy could rest on the outcome. 

The Don’t-Forget-to-Vote Candle is sort of like a calendar reminder, but better, because it only has one date on it. Plus it smells like apple pie, and how many calendars can say that? We haven’t checked, but we’re guessing not many. It’s the perfect gift for your flaky best friend, your nephew who just turned 18, or anyone else you want to encourage to vote.

Now, for your questions: 

Q: Is this candle non-partisan? 
A: No! The label (subtly) urges the recipient to vote Democratic. If you are looking for a candle that encourages people to vote Republican, you will have to make your own candle. 

Q: Will this candle work for any election?
A: Yes! Do you see where we’ve handwritten “November 6, 2018” on the lid? Let us know if you’d like us to leave this space blank, and then you can write in whatever election date you want. 

Q. Can I buy this candle even when there isn’t an election coming up?
A: There is always an election coming up.
JD and Kate Industries donate 10% of the proceeds from this candle to organizations working to protect voting rights. Currently, donations are going to the ACLU.