Bigfoot Hide and Seek Koozie


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It's no coincidence that Bigfoot has never been discovered or even caught on film (other than grainy footage from far away...) This species has some serious Hide-N-Seek skills.

While not an officially recognized Olympic sport, there is little doubt Bigfoot would be World Champion if it were. Even the blood doping Russians couldn't match his skills at hiding in plain sight.

OK, Sasquatch, you win. Come out, come out wherever you are!

Well, this amazing extra-thick foam koozie is bright orange -so you'll be able to find them on any hot summer day. These koozies are not like the weak, flimsy koozies that are so common today. These are the heavy duty old school kind from back in the day... like the kind your dad had. And your dad was a bad-ass who knew how